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Get Accident Insurance Coverage from LifeSecure Insurance Company



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Your medical plan provides benefits to help with medical costs if you suffer an accidental injury. If something happens to you, you shouldn’t have to worry about unexpected financial setbacks resulting from the injury.


Things like lost wages plus your out-of-pocket expenses and the cost for help with transportation, meals, child care, or even housekeeping can add up.


Personal accident insurance provides cash benefits regardless of any other insurance you have. By pairing it with your medical plan, you can extend your protection to help with those unexpected costs, so you can focus on healing.


Is this a financial burden that you could manage? Don't let the financial impacts of an accident take you by surprise.


Did you know?


  1. 1 out of 8 Americans each year seeks medical care due to injuries.*
  2. 90% of young athletes say they have been injured while playing a sport. **

A personal accident insurance policy can be used to offset the costs associated with an accident such as ambulance transportation, emergency room visits, X-rays, rehabilitative therapies, and ordinary daily bills, child care or even yard work.  These types of policies can work well with both individual and group medical insurance plans.


Premiums are competitively priced and the deductibles can decrease with time. Call or contact me today for more details.


LifeSecure Insurance Company, based in Brighton, MI, is solely responsible for and underwrites the Personal Accident insurance product. These insurance policies have exclusions and limitations. Visit for product information, by state.


*National Safety Council, Injury Facts – 2016 Edition
**Safe Kids USA, A National Survey of Parents’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Self-Reported Behaviors Concerning Sports Safety, August 2014


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