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Weird Things Covered by Home Insurance

We purchase homeowners insurance for the financial protection it provides. These policies will pay for damages to our home or property, as well as providing liability protection in the event someone is injured on our property. But are you aware of the strange things your homeowners insurance policy may cover?

Believe it or not, there are some pretty weird things that most insurance policies cover. Let’s start with some strange ones:

Alien Abduction – Yes, you read that right! Some homeowners insurance policies include coverage for alien abduction. If you ever find yourself abducted by aliens, you now have the peace of mind that your insurance policy has got you covered. This may sound like a joke, but this coverage is real, and claims have been paid!

Ghosts and Haunted Houses – Maybe aliens don’t worry you. But what if your home is haunted by a ghost, and it (or is it he or she?) causes physical damage to your property? Your homeowners insurance policy just might cover it. So, if the ghost of your ancestors is causing problems for you, don’t hesitate to file a claim.

Falling Objects – Airplanes, helicopters, satellites, and even meteorites that fall out of the sky, striking your home and causing damage, are most likely insured under your homeowners insurance policy. Although the chances of a meteor hitting your home is extremely remote (about 1 in 4 trillion), it has happened as recently as November 2022.

These are just a few examples of the weird things potentially covered under your homeowners insurance policy. So, next time you think your insurance policy might not cover something, think again and double-check. And remember, always work with an insurance professional and read your insurance policy to thoroughly understand what’s covered.

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